Live Train Status

Why to Use TrainStatusHub to check online Live Train Status?

Its been always a difficult and annoying procedure to call or sms and to know the status of Train. Some times the passenger is on the station and train isn't arrived on the Station so in that case it is very hard to know the current live status of train.
But now with the help of TrainStatusHub its very easy to check the live train status and know the status of train as It will save your time to know the status as well make easier for you to track the train live.
Apart from these above mentioned purposes , It can also help you while travelling in train as It will help you know if you are running late or reaching on time and as a result, it will help you to manage your time.

How to use TrainStatusHub to check Live Train Status ?

Its very easy for anyone to check Live Train Status with
Follow the Below Steps to Check the Status :

  • 1) First go to your Browser and open and then click on Enter Train Number / Train Name and Enter the Train Number or Train Name you want to check on.

  • 2) After following the first step choose the date on which you want to check the live status of train entered by clicking the option of Choose Date and choose any of the five dates given and then click on Get Live Status button to proceed further

  • 3) After this You would be redirected to another page where you would be able to see the status of the train including the scheduled arrival,scheduled departure,actual departure and actual arrival of the train. Also you will be able to see how much late it is running and where it is currently, basically it will help you know each and every stat regarding live train status .